Departmental Units Handmade Paper Institute, Pune
Handmade Paper Institute, Pune

Board’s Departmental Centre, the Hand Made Paper Institute, Pune has taken up the development of hand made paper in the state with modern equipments to encourage the development of handmade paper industry and to preserve this traditional village industry in the State.

The Institute carries out the work of development of hand made paper through four divisions i. e. Production Division, Research Division, Training Division and Extension Division. The Production Division looks after the production of high quality hand made paper, Research division undertakes research to produce hand made paper from various types of raw materials, Training division imparts training in scientific ways of production of hand made paper, while the extension division makes arrangements for marketing of the products of other hand made paper centres and provides technical guidance.

  1. The Handmade Paper Institute was established in the year 1940.
  2. National level Training Institute is functioning since 1952
  3. Research & Development Division for quality improvement & control
  4. Recycling waste for eco-friendly paper