Departmental Units Carpentry & Blacksmith Workshop, Kolhapur
Carpentry & Blacksmith Workshop, Kolhapur

The Beekeeping Institute at Mahabaleshwar finds it difficult to procure bee boxes of ISI standard from the local market. The board has therefore, started one Carpentry & Blacksmithy Workshop at Gokulshirgaon under Western Ghat Development Programme Specifically for manufacture of bee-boxes and furniture required in the offices.

The Centre undertakes the work of production and sale of Bee-boxes and honey extractors and other equipments required for Bee-keeping Industry and rearing-trays and other furniture for Sericulture Industry

The Centre is carrying out tests on producing some parts of bee-box in fibre and plastic. Dignitaries from various departments paid visits to the Centre.

  1. Production of Bee-boxes & honey extractors for Beekeeping Industry
  2. Supply of furniture required by various Govt.organisations